Virtual Memorial Services

Let everyone pay their respects despite venue capacity. Penny Lane will stream your memorial or funeral service so that everyone can get the closure they need. Below are some of the packages we offer:

Package 1

  • 1 Camera – Unmanned
  • A link to live stream the proceedings via YouTube

Package 2

  • 1 Camera – Unmanned
  • 1 Camera with cameraman
  • Technician to mix visuals between camera feeds
  • A link to live stream the proceedings via YouTube

Customised Package

We are happy to customize a technical solution in line with your event and venue vision & needs.

Tailor made solutions include:

  • Wireless Camera – for the live stream relay from the graveside
  • PA for venue
  • LED screens for presentations or camera relay viewing
  • Zoom connections for anyone delivering a message to speak remotely
  • Slide show of photographs for presentation
  • Where singing is not allowed, we will play music from a playlist of your choice
  • Memorial services can be held from our studio, a church or any venue of your choice.

“A dignified farewell to our loved ones bridging the barriers of separation and social distancing”

(All videos featured here are only done so with full permission of the families)