– Modern Approach with an Analogue Soul

The Penny lane Story

Founded by Aki Khan in 2006 Penny Lane Studios is a world-class recording studio and rehearsal space -with that distinct edge- nestled in the heart of Wynberg amidst a burgeoning garden and yard.

A plethora of factors meld into Penny Lane’s edge: Its hallmark of state of the art, premium, high-end audio equipment in seasoned hands and golden years. It’s services packages and pricing arising from the studio’s ultimate passion of promoting South African music, making the studio accessible to diverse voices and charting new territory in recording standards.

Be yours a thread requiring Studio Recording (Band Recording- Pre-Production/ Recording/ Production/ Arrangement/Editing/Mixing) Music Production (Jingles, Film, TV & Radio Commercials); Sound Design, Voice Over Recordings, Mixing and Mastering, Live Streaming, Film Production or Remote or Location Recording, there is no better Studio to add your thread to than to the many weaves already stringing the illustrious Penny Lane tapestry.

“During this crazy time of Covid, I have done two highly successful comedy shows online. With zero technical difficulty. Penny Lane made me look and sound great. All I needed to do was tell the funny jokes. A marriage made in heaven.”

- Marc Lottering -


“This team is committed to adding value and I cannot express strongly enough their work ethic, integrity, reliability and efficiency in getting the job done. They go beyond the call of duty to provide excellent service.”



“The team from Penny Lane was brilliant they worked like a symphony orchestra, completely in synchronization. The technical support was exceptional, ensuring that 73 presentations could be enjoyed by participants in 15 countries. “

- Prof Francois Halleen, SASEV Conference -